Monday, October 14, 2019

USA - City of Unalaska , Alaska

A postcard showing a Russian Orthodox Church in Unalaska.
Thank you so much Shirl for this nice postcard!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

USA - Denver, Colorado Capitol

An official postcrossing card.
Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing this postcard with me!

USA - Wisconsin State Capitol

The Capitol Building was designed after the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and is the focal point of the downtown area.
Thank you so much Lynn for this wonderful postcard with wonderful stamps as well!

CANADA - Nova Scotia

Nice illustrative postcard of Nova Scotia, a maritime province in Canada.
Thank you so much for sharing me this postcard, Angie!

CANADA - "Chucky the Catfish" at Manitoba

A roadside attraction at Manitoba.
Thank you so much Allikat for this postcard!

CANADA - City of Nanaimo

From a fellow Filipino, residing in Canada.
Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard, Brianne!

CANADA - Waterloo County, Ontario

The West Montrose Covered Bridge near Elmira, is locally known as the "Kissing Bridge".
Thank you so much for sharing with me this postcard with nice stamps, Kelly!

CANADA - City of Montreal

Views of Montreal (Olympic Stadium, Jacques-Cartier bridge and the Casinos) at sunset.

CANADA - City of Toronto

Toronto is the largest City in Canada and the Provincial capital of Ontario.
Thank you so much for this postcard, David!

MALAYSIA - Kelantanese Cuisine

Mouth-watering fragrance of spicy grilled meats (satay) and Kelantanese cuisine.
Thank you for this great postcard, "battleforest"...

MALAYSIA - Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Kuala Lumpur

Postcard 1
The glittering Sultan Abdul Samad Building (daytime and nighttime views) in Kuala Lumpur was constructed in 1897 and today proudly houses the court complex of the judiciary.
Thank you so much Nikki for sharing with me this wonderful postcard!

Postcard 2
Thank you so much for this postcard, Nurliza of Pearl Island, Penang!

GERMANY - Bavarian Castles

Thank you so much Heidi for sharing with me this postcard showing different Bavarian castles!

GERMANY - Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Postcard 1: During Summer
A surprise postcard from my thoughtful and sweet Tita who's residing now in Germany.
Thank you so much Tita Langging for this wonderful postcard showing Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle!
Oh... I wish to see a real castle one day...

Postcard 2: During Winter
 Thank you so much Ulli for this wonderful postcard!

Postcard 3: During Winter
Thank you Thomas (who lives near this place) for sharing with me this wonderful postcard!

FRANCE - Saint Philibert Church, Tournus

A great Tournus card with matching postmark!
Thank you so so much, Jean Pierre!

AUSTRIA - Klosterneuburg Meet-Up, 15 June 2019

Thank you so much dear Zuzana of Slovakia for remembering me during your meet-up in Austria last June! Nice Austrian stamps used too! Sending love...