Friday, June 8, 2018

SLOVENIA - Ljubliana

Postcard 1
A view of the Ljubliana Castle. Wow! What a view!
Thank you so much Vesna for this great postcard!

Postcard 2
Thank you so much, Mirjam for sharing with me this wonderful postcard!


"In New Zealand, we have numerous tourist destinations but most prominent is the Sky Tower..", shares Susan.
Thank you so  much Susan for this awesome postcard and for using the Year of the Dog stamp! ^-^

SLOVAKIA - Winnie the Pooh!

Charming pooh I need your warm hug!
Thank you so much Adriana for sharing this cute postcard with me!


"Dance like no one is watching you..", shares Susan.
Thank you so much Susan for this happy postcard! ^-^
This certainly is inspiring!

Greetings from CYPRUS!

Thank you so much Pinar of North Cyprus for this surprise postcard!
So thoughtful and sweet of you...

ESTONIA - Kuressaare Fortress

"Top left shows Kuressaare Fortress, which is included on the UNESCO Tentative List", shares Janne.
Thank you so much, Janne for increasing my UNESCO Tentative List postcards! ^-^

ESTONIA - Baltic Klint

" The Baltic Klint is an erosional limestone escarpment on several islands
 of the Baltic Sea. This is included on the UNESCO Tentative List.", shares Janne.
Thank you so much, Janne for this wonderful postcard
and for using the year of the dog stamp!

Friday, April 6, 2018

USA - Valentine, Nebraska

A postcard printed in the Philippines for the purpose of Postcrossing Valentine Postcard Swap 2017.
Thank you so much Sir Willi for this surprise postcard!


UNITED KINGDOM - Ben the Bargeman

Thank you so much Natalie for sharing this postcard with me!


TUNISIA - Mapcard

Thank you so much Anne of Luxembourg for sharing with me this amazing map postcard of Tunisia, sent during your family vacation in this country!


SLOVAKIA - Christmas 2017

Thank you so much, dear Zuzana for your yearly Christmas greetings through postcards!
I love the stamps too! Take care always!


AUSTRIA - Advent Meet-up at Steyr, December 2, 2017

Thank you so much Anita for this very special postcard as this was posted from the unique post office "Christkindl"! I love the stamps too! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!



"This postcard shows part of the historical Lodz. It is very young city but with rich history. It was built in XIX century by Poles, Germans, Russians and Jews --- that's why we call it 'City of 4 Cultures'...", shares Olga. Thank you so much Olga for sharing with me this postcard and the story behind it.


BELARUS - Homel Palace Painting

Thank you so much Albi for this awesome card depicting the Homel Palace.
"It is a very beautiful place surrounded by a huge park", shares Albi.
Thank you too for the great stamps! ^-^