Friday, July 7, 2017

USA - Arches National Park, Utah

Postcard description: Delicate Arch, in Arches National Park, is the most famous formation in this spectacular park, north of Moab, Utah. It was formed by wind and rain erosion on Entrada Sandstone. The salmon colored arch is 45 feet high and 33 feet wide.

An official postcrossing postcard from Merisa of Utah.
Thank you so much for sharing with me this awesome postcard, Merisa!


USA - A "Thank You" Postcard from Maine

What a beautiful view of Maine!
Thank you so much Stacy of Cornville, Maine for this  surprise "thank you" postcard!
<I sent her a postcrossing postcard which she so much liked.>


USA - Cape Cod Lighthouses

Got this as an official Postcrossing card in 2008 from Arlene of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Thank you so much Arlene for this nice postcard with awesome lighthouses. I wish we have beautiful lighthouses here too since the Philippines has 7100+ islands!


USA - Yucca Plants in Texas

Postcard desription: Two common sights in Texas are the yucca plants blooming and windmills.
Thank you so much to Lisa of Virginia, U.S.A. for this great postcard!


USA - Washington Monument at Washington D.C.

My 8th postcard received about 10 years ago at the official Postcrossing site. 
Thank you so much to Christine of Washington, D.C. for this!
"This picture shows the Washington Monument at the prettiest time of the year --- the Spring, when the cherry trees all bloom. There's even a street festival!", shares Christine.


BRAZIL - Natal City, Rio Grande do Norte

"Natal is a beautiful city and known for its dunes and breathtaking beaches!", shares Joao.
Thank you so much Joao for this awesome postcard with great stamps!


FINLAND - Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

Thank you so much to Virpi for this cute postcard with equally cute stamp with special postmark! I am sure you enjoyed the Finlandia Stamp Exhibition and International Postcrossing Meeting last May 27, 2017! ^-^