Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CROATIA - The Historic town of Korčula

"The form of the town of Korčula is primarily determined by the form of the little peninsula protruding into Channel of PeljeSac, (large about l nlm), on the northern side of the island of Korčula, (superficies about 272 km2). The strategic position favoured, and the natural setting enabled its complete encirclement with walls, which correspond with the line of the sea shore. They enclose the ellipse, (310x175 m), of the domical hill with the large cathedral and high belfry rising on the top. The surrounding architecture covers the entire perimeter of the peninsula, and its only connection with the main island is cut off by an artificial trench." -

Thank you so much Dragan for this surprise postcard!
Am quite embarrassed to show you this because I got this damaged last December...
But this is so much appreciated and will be treasured!

You may visit Dragan's blog here...

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