ISLE OF MAN - Peel Harbour

So happy!
My very first postcard sent from Isle of Man!
Super grateful to Ann for granting my wish! (we have the same birthday!)
Keep safe always, Ann and best regards!

GERMANY - Hamburg

Thanks much for this nice postcard, Janina from Hamburg!
I like both stamps too! One features Karl Valentin and 
the other one says A HEART FOR CHILDREN...

GERMANY - Düsseldorf

Postcard 1
Thank you so much Norbert for this postcard!

Postcard 2
 Thank you so much to Klaus for this postcard!

Postcard 3
Thank you so much to Amos for this postcard!

IRELAND - Proleek Dolmen

Thank you so much Elena of Dublin for this Proleek Dolmen (portal tomb)
located in County Louth, Ireland!

UNITED KINGDOM - Surrey County

Got this postcard thru postcrossing.
Thank you so much to Valerie of Surrey County in South East England.

TAIWAN - Yangmingshan National Park

A postcard I received in 2010 thru Postcrossing.
Thank you so much Han for sharing with me this postcard!

TAIWAN - Qing Dynasty Embroidery

A postcard showing "Lateral Curtain with Flower and Bird Embroidery" 
with matching stamp.
Thank you so much to Shui for sharing this postcard with me!

TAIWAN - National Palace Museum

Thank you so much to Prolei for sharing this postcard with me long time ago...

TAIWAN - Sun Moon Lake

"Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful place in Nantou county. This is my favorite place in Taiwan", shares Jean. Thank you Jean for this wonderful postcard!

FRANCE - Lorraine

Thanks much to Caroline of Thionville, region of Lorraine in France for sharing with me this postcard!

NETHERLANDS - Tulips, Clogs, Windmills and More!

Postcard 1
An official postcrossing postcard I received in 2009 from Naomi which shows different things about Holland... The stamps are so cute too! Thank you so much, Naomi!

Postcard 2
My very first postcard from a very good friend Raymond J, whom I fondly call "Mondoy".
He hails from Bacolod City, where my bestfriend Karen studied during our University years. Now, he's residing in Bacolod City where his lovely wife, Shine comes from.

Postcard 3
A card I received through postcrossing.
Thank you so much, Dory!
I wonder what the cheese tastes?

Postcard 4
A wonderful postcard with POSTCROSSING stamp!
Thanks much to Pieta!

MOLDOVA - City Hall of Chişinău

"The City Hall is an old building and one of the most
beautiful buildings in the City!", shares Doria.
Thank you so much Doria for this postcard and for using many great stamps!